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Beef's bikini page

Beef's bikini page

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Welcome to the Beef's Bikini Page. This site, if you may or may not have noticed, hasn't been updated since like before summer. This is because I have run out of room. Plus, I seem to run over my monthly bandwidth all the time, although I was able to squeeze in 3 more, but that is it. I need a new website service with some specs. I need at least 50 megs of space, and a high amount of monthly bandwidth (greater than 512 megs a month). Oh, amd by the way; You see those two pictures up there? If you know what the name of the model in both of them is, could you e-mail me. Thanks, and don't forget to check out my new site, Models page, with Angelie Almendare, Dena Doster, Katia Corriveau, and **coming soon: Patricia Ford Page.
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